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Manado is such an exotic destination, where mountain and sea collides, along with its fabulous views, phenomenal spices and seafood, as well as its breathtaking underwater sea creatures.

Entering the city, people can find its remarkable landmark, named Jesus Blessing Monument (Monumen Yesus Memberkati). The monument is a statue of Jesus Christ, located at the peak of one residential estate, and was built for Manado and North Sulawesi society and to worship God.

This statue has become a new icon of Manado city and as of 2010, it is Asia's 2nd tallest and the world's 4th tallest statue of Christ (excluding the pedestal it was erected on). This statue has a declivity 20 degree and is made from fiber and steel and became "the first flying tallest statue in the world".

(source: wikipedia)

People can find beach easily in Manado. At the heart of the city, the beach stretching along the Manado Boulevard. There are lots of spots to relax and enjoy the sea view, such as Bahu Beach. Looking through the sea, people can find the Mount Manado Tua that stands firmly in the middle of the sea, also the topography of Bunaken and Siladen island.

Situated pleasantly not too far from Manado, there is also Kalasey Beach that is such a hidden paradise. Deep below its surface, an enchanting underwater paradise greets divers with its amazing beauty. The rich biodiversity of marine life combined with some of the most exotic creatures of the deep sea create a surreal experience.

Mountain view can be enjoyed from the highland called Tomohon. There are so many interesting places with beautiful mountain views here. One of them is the Prayer Hill of Tomohon (Bukit Doa), that is one of the nature and religious tourism object in North Sulawesi.

The landscape and the view is so beautiful, bathed in air that is cool and clear, cradled by Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu, two mountains beneath a wide and luminous sky. One of the spots in this hill is the Chapel Mahawu. The chapel has a unique architecture and lays in the middle of the hill, facing the finest mountain scenery.

Not just mountain, in Tomohon people can also find a three-color lake named Lake Linouw. The lake's color will change from time to time because of its high sulfur content, showing the green, white, and bluish color of the water, surrounding by the mountains. The lake also home to unique creatures such as Sayok (insect like animal that has wings, can fly, but live in the water), Belibis (like duck, but can whistle and fly), and also White Stork (Ciconia ciconia).

Not just mountain and sea, Manado also has some beautiful waterfalls. One of the fascinating waterfall is Waterfall Tunan, that is situated just about 1 hour from the city, or about 40 minutes from Sam Ratulangi International Airport.

To get into the waterfall, people must walk by feet through about 1-2 km path crossing the pure and quite rain forest. Seeing the water falling like a visualization of the earth's melody will make all the tiredness gone. The view, the pure air, and the refrigerator-cold yet so fresh water is so worth it!
The beach at Manado always presents its best sunset views. The sunset shows nature paints and finest artworks through the beauty of colors and compositions of the beach.

The sunset there always charming and looks differently each day. The sea and the sky fuse within the horizon as the sun descends into the water, brings a perfect harmony to the heart and the soul!

Find the enchanting beauty of the places on the map. Thanks to the 360 panorama and living photo, now you can experience and enjoy the real view before you go there!

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